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Roecroft Lower School

Parent Feedback 

Throughout the school year we host a range of evening workshops designed to give our families a better insight into the content of our curriculum and the way in which some of these curriculum areas are taught in the classroom. The staff work incredibly hard to deliver sessions that are informative and will enable parents and carers to further support their child at home.

The feedback we receive is always highly positive and we hugely value our families comments as it informs our future sessions and the information that we share with our parents and carers going forward.

Please click here to see the results of our latest parent questionnaire.


Maths Workshops

Thank you, I find these workshops for parents very useful. It gives me better knowledge of what my child is learning and how I can support at home.
Great session, very helpful. Thank you. It was lovely to have the presentation split between all teachers. Fabulous staff.
Great to be practically involved in their education.
Thank you, great workshop that was easy to understand. Very pleased to be able to know what they will be learning and how in case they ask questions.
Fab workshop, which was clear well presented. There was a range of resources and it was very informative, thanks.
I am going to help my child practise their maths at home. It was useful to see what they are doing at school.
The explanation of how different elements of maths is taught was very useful especially subtraction.
I now feel that I can support my child at home, especially with subtraction.
It was all really useful understanding the terminology.

Great to see what they're getting up to & how they're doing it.

Thanks for all the time you have taken! Much appreciated!

A good, well presented, and well thought out presentation.  Appreciate the time & effort that goes into this.

An excellent talk.  Thanks

Another good workshop, teachers great at delivering.

Thank you both for taking time out of your evening to do this - it was v. helpful!

Informative and useful to see how the children learn.

Thanks for your hard work and efforts.

Good Presentation - Well Done

Beautiful and enlightening session.  Thank you

Great to see how they are taught.

Well presented, very informative!

Really well run and informative - will def help support them.

Phonics Workshops


What did you find useful from the workshop?

Very informative and liked the practical sessions to really understand how to apply the learning
I'm a bit stunned to be honest. Hopefully I can apply the independence and not correct spelling
Learning the styles/approaches to teaching
I found all the session useful
Learning sounds that form how a child will write
How to sound out words correctly. It was such an enjoyable session and so useful. Thank you! 
How to sound out words. The sounds are more important now than the correct spellings

How will you use the information form the workshop to support your child at home?

To use phonics slowly to sound out words
All exercises can be used at home with my child
Sitting and sounding out sounds, helping with finger spaces
This will be a great help at home to focus my child on words, use and how to do this at school
Breaking down words and blending. Knowing spelling isn't key
I'll spend the time to help her, and when she's frustrated to help her sound it out
We will take the teaching and work with my daughter to learn the green and red words


 Is there an further support that you would like in terms of phonics, writing and reading?

Just updates on how my daughter is going and what we can do to further her knowledge
Another session like this for my husband! :-)
This has really helped. Glad I came! 
As much as possible
Not at present


What other workshops would you be interested in attending at Roecroft, to support your child's learning?

Anything that supports the teachers difficult job, well done!
Maths, Reading
Behaviour and managing emotions
Maths and English
More when writing more
Any, to help me understand modern methods of teaching - probably when older ie long division or fractions
The maths one and anything my daughter is doing and how we can help her with her education



eSafety Workshops


Very helpful, eye opening and will 100% make me rethink.
Quite scary stuff, but a useful session.  There was lots of information that I wasn’t aware of.  If the event is on next year, I will send my husband as I think it should be made mandatory for everyone to attend.  A real eye opener.
Perfectly pitched for the parents.  I learned about new apps and really appreciate the training.
Excellent session to increase awareness of online issues.  It is a shame it cannot be mandatory for parents to attend as it was totally worthwhile.  Please make it an annual event.
As a techno-phobe I am not very confident online.  It has really opened my eyes as to just how easy it is for strangers to talk to our children.
Changed my attitude to dealing with online issues that may affect my children.
Useful information in helping support children with disabilities.
Really informative – thank you!  I am naturally a ‘clifftop parent’, so now I understand the importance of guiding them through!
Excellent presentation, really engaging and the presenters were both friendly but serious.
Excellent!  Very informative. Lots of valuable information and I feel more confident as a result.