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Roecroft Lower School

Milk in School


Milk is an important part of a child's diet. It is one of the few drinks allowed in school under the latest government's food-based and nutrient-based standards and provides a number of health benefits and social opportunities to ensure children get the most out of the school day.

School milk makes teeth and bones stronger and provides a vital energy boost between breakfast and lunch.  School milk is also re-hydrating and can even support brain functions such as memory, concentration and creativity. 

Milk is completely free for all children aged under five and is subsidised for children aged five or over.  You are also entitled to free milk in school if you are currently in receipt of Free School Meals.  Please ask the office for further details.   

Here at Roecroft our milk provider is ’Cool Milk'.  Cool Milk provides every child the opportunity to purchase milk on a daily basis.  All you need to do is to register your child and set up an account.  The school will then be provided with a weekly list of those children that have registered and paid for milk. Although children under five are free they still need to register with Cool Milk. 

For further information and to register your child for milk please visit Cool Milk online at: