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Roecroft Lower School

Learning Support Team

Here is our team of Learning Support Assistants who have a wide range of roles across the school.  Their primary focus is to support our pupils' learning and help them to progress and develop as well-rounded individuals.  We really value the contribution that our LSA team make to Roecroft school and the vital role they play.  

We are currently working towards our re-accreditation for the BPTAA to celebrate all the outstanding work that our LSA team do to support out pupils' learning.


LST EYFS (ID 1088)

  • Mrs Duggan
  • Miss Skinner
  • Mrs Aery
  • Miss Drew

Year 1

LST Year 1 (ID 1089)

  • Miss Quince
  • Mrs Snowden
  • Miss Tucker

Year 2

LST Year2 (ID 1090)

  • Miss Timmis
  • Mrs Gayfer-Toms

Year 3

LST Year3 (ID 1091)

  • Miss Stratton
  • Miss Blyth
  • Mrs Senior

Year 4 

LST Year4 (ID 1092)

  • Miss Cenami
  • Miss Sumal
  • Mrs Guttridge


LST 1:1s (ID 1093)

  • Mrs Allen
  • Mrs Bennett
  • Mrs Bradford
  • Miss Davies
  • Miss Drew
  • Mrs Gurney
  • Mrs Harknett


LST General (ID 1094)

  • Mrs McCullagh


LST Pastoral (ID 1095)

  • Mrs Valpy