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Roecroft Lower School

House Captains

House Captains 

In school we operate a house system, when children join the Roecroft family they are allocated to a house. 


Children work hard throughout the year to earn points for their house. House points are awarded to pupils for a range of reasons, strongly linked to our values based education. 

Miss Houghton leads the House Captain teams. Each house has two house captains. The house captains are Year 4 pupils who apply for the role at the beginning of the year and are selected based on their skills and qualities. 

The role of the house captains is to lead by example, they model positive behaviour and attitudes to the rest of the school. They prepare speeches for assemblies to give words of praise and encouragement to their peers. 

House captains also support at a range of school events, such as inter-house competitions.  

Meet the House Captains:


Amethyst House Captains: Tate F and Robert P
Diamond House Captains: Kriti I and Eadie J
Emerald House Captains: Mikaila'Rose L and Pennie S 
Ruby House Captains: Bodie R and Jack S
Sapphire House Captains: Lara C-S and Eva S

Upcoming Events:

  • Assemblies to introduce the upcoming inter-house competitions 
  • Supporting younger pupils during our inter-house competitions 
  • Giving the rest of the school house point updates in assemblies 
  • Collecting and totalling of autumn term house points 
  • Leadership training