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Roecroft Lower School

Roecroft Curriculum Statement


At Roecroft Lower School our intention is to inspire children to be learners who are: 

The key driver is the exceptionally strong ethos and values of the school. Having a holistic approach to teaching and learning ensures pupils can access a knowledge-rich curriculum whilst building on skills and harnessing their talents and passions both in and out of school. The end goal at Roecroft is to inspire our pupils to be active citizens who contribute positively to society.


Knowledge is essential to the implementation of our curriculum at Roecroft. It has been constructed based on a strong understanding of each individual subject in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum for England. We recognise how valuable and unique each subject is within its own right. Our teachers design schemes of work, lessons and resources to maximise opportunities for each individual, helping them to understand new concepts, develop skills and deepen their knowledge. We are committed to creating motivated learners, whilst also seeking to support their broader development as well-rounded individuals.

Our school is one that embraces the curriculum and the changes it often brings. Both children and staff make sense of it through rich conversations, active listening, testing ideas, coaching conversations and purposeful classroom talk. Active recall and the use of quizzes and questioning help support the importance of embedding learning for our children. The Values based Education curriculum that we deliver allows pupils to be curious, show initiative and be unique. This curiosity and drive also applies to staff at Roecroft, who all embrace the values teaching.

A variety of experiences and key concepts over five years ensures children succeed; the journey they take is carefully thought-out and can be seen below:


The outcomes at Roecroft fill us with pride. The pupils achieve their academic potential through the careful planning and teaching of a variety of lessons. They leave with a high standard of English and Maths that ensures they can access the curriculum as it becomes more challenging and rapid in the next stage of their education. They have started to show passion and strength in a variety of subject areas, which we hope will help inform their future choices linked to exam success and career options. Most importantly, the children leave us feeling valued and respected. Capable of achieving and striving for success. They are happy and show a love of learning. We hope we have encouraged our pupils to be tolerant, inquisitive and active learners.

Impact is measured over the year in a number of ways. We use a rigorous monitoring system across the whole school to ensure we are meeting the needs of the children and that they are reaching their full potential. This is done not only through data collection and data meetings, but also using our detailed teaching and learning monitoring schedule. This ensures that senior leaders and subject leaders are using pupil voice; drop ins, book looks and planning scrutiny effectively to monitor classroom practice, pupils engagement and attainment. Which results in needs being identified and addressed quickly.

The Roecroft Family is forward thinking and progressive, we work each year to ensure the upmost success. We look to improve and evolve through our own professional development and learning. This ensures our children get access to some of the best and most up to date practice and methods both in the classroom and around the school.