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Roecroft Lower School

Eco Warriors

Our Eco Team help to support many of the areas listed below in and around school. 

Mrs Johnson is our lead for the area this year and has lots of exciting areas she wants to develop with the help of her Team. Eco Schools is an exciting opportunity and responsibility for our Year 4 pupils.  

Eco responsibilities include:  

  • Working towards the ‘Platinum’ level of our Green Tree’s school award 
  • Taking Eco assemblies and writing pieces for the newsletter 
  • Designing posters and signs  
  • Litter picking and emptying recycling bins  
  • Attend Eco meetings  
  • Assist with charity events  
  • Collect pens for our Pen recycling scheme.  

Meet the Eco Warriors:


Lilly-Rose S, Ashton W, Rose P-C, Winnie P, Harrison H, Tate R, Krishna M, Melody W, Halle H-S, Oscar G, Sophie C and Florence B. 


The school also operates a recycling policy and our school monitors empty our recycling bins on a weekly basis.

Batteries Recycling

The school also operates a batteries recycling collection point, this can be found in the main reception area 

PDF icon Battery Recycling Information

Green Tree School Award

Recently, our school has been awarded the ‘Gold Award’ as part of the Woodlands Trust ‘Green Tree School’. To achieve this award, the Eco Warriors have taken part in and led a range of different activities. For example, they have helped to promote recycling across the school, explored initiatives to help cut our CO2 emissions and discussed ideas in school assemblies.  

This year, the Eco Warriors team will be completing different projects and activities as we work towards achieving the ‘Platinum Award’ for our school. These activities will be pupil-led and cover a range of different curriculum areas. The aim is to make learning both inside and outside the classroom fun and engaging. 

Here are some links to Eco websites. They have tips and tricks we can all use to help save the planet.



 Roecroft's Eco Building

  • Solar Panels to heat our water
  • Monodraft
  • Automatic light sensors
  • Hand dryers
  • Automatic tap sensors